Our services focus on improving the business results associated with high turnover, low morale and poor service quality so clients avoid the marketplace and financials setbacks associated with one or all of these issues in today's highly regulated, emotionally charged environment.

To that end, Ms. Douglass consults, leads retreats, and speaks extensively on these key topics:

  1. Linking Business and Talent Management Strategies For Workforce Results
    Developing strong links between strategy, desired workforce behaviors and the seven most prevalent human resources practices (i.e. culture, compensation, performance management, learning, recruiting/selection, communication, benefits) for an optimal environment that fosters continuous recruiting and retention of a motivated workforce. Eliminating today's "band aid" approach to talent management is critical for results while understanding the design options given today's complex legal landscape.

  2. Creating a Trusting Environment for Physicians
    Sustained satisfaction and a trusting environment will best be realized by a proactive, cohesive approach to human resource practices designed for physicians beginning with demystifying the compensation process. All seven of the most prevalent human resource practices must be fact based, meet the limitations of the legal landscape, widely communicated and easily understood by all those affected. The benefits of employing such an approach can be extraordinary if sufficient efforts are devoted to design, modeling and buy in phases.

  3. Human Resource Organization Review
    Ensuring human resource professionals are organized effectively and possess the desired competencies to effectively manage all aspects of today's environment and the complexity of workforce issues.

In order to deliver the results client's expect in this environment, Ms. Douglass partners with two strategic affiliates - Ken Cohn, M.D., FACS - President , Healthcare Collaboration Inc. & Roger Strode, JD - National Health Law Partner, McDermott, Will & Emery LLP. In addition to client work, Ms. Douglass partners with Ken and Roger at Board retreats, management retreats, physician retreats and various association education sessions on timely topics around retention and the legal landscape for workforces and physicians. The workshop/webinar section of this website presents the highlights of the current topics for 2011.