2011 Topics - Retreat & Education Sessions Overviews

Speech Workshop/Webinar, Retreat and Boot Camp Discussion Areas

  1. Recruiting and Retaining Talent In Unprecedented Times
    Presenting Partner: Roger Strode - National Health Law Partner, McDermott, Will & Emery
    Overview: The workshop/webinar will present successful strategies for talent management given today's talent crisis, heightened regulatory environment and complex legal landscape. In this two hour discussion, you will learn why a proactive talent management strategy vs. "band aid" solutions is a requirement in today's environment. You will also gain an understanding of the current regulatory environment and the increased pressure on senior leadership and the Board to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.

  2. Successful Physician Recruiting and Retention... Field Tested Strategies for Doing It Right the First Time...
    Presenting Partner: Dr. Ken Cohn - Healthcare Collaboration Inc.
    Overview: Developing a cohesive, systematic, transparent approach to physician recruiting and retention is far more effective than the silo approaches already on the market. During a two hour discussion, let us educate and guide you through our seven step approach that assures sustainable progress towards effective retention and recruiting of physicians.

  3. Becoming The Physician's Organization of Choice
    Overview: The organization most capable of meeting the physician's current income shortfalls, cultivating trust and developing a shared sense of community will be the long term winner in any market because they are the Physician's Organization of Choice. These organizations understand how important it is to integrate rather than compete, manage the human side of these stressful times and create an environment where active, engaged and team oriented physicians practice. During a two hour discussion, let us show you a successful roadmap and how to get started based on where you are in your specific evolution with physicians.

  4. Physician Partnership Strategies... Field Tested Strategies for Success in an Emotionally Charged and Highly Regulated Environment
    Presenting Partner: Roger Strode - Partner, National Health Law Practice McDermott, Will & Emery LLP
    Overview: Major changes in law, reimbursement pressures, capital constraints, physician shortages and changes in care delivery have forced physicians to consider different strategies to align more effectively. This two hour discussion will review these environmental forces, the proactive strategies for alignment available for physicians and hospitals (given the legal constraints) and also proven strategies to manage the human side of these very stressful transactions.